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Back To The Future Trilogy: Steelbook (4 Discs)

Anno: 1985
Regia: Robert Zemeckis
Cast: Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Crispin Glover, Thomas F. Wilson, Casey Siemaszko, Billy Zane, James Tolkan, Elisabeth Shue, Jason Scott Lee, Elijah Wood, Mary Steenburgen, Richard A. Dysart, Dub Taylor & Bill McKinney
Genere: fantascienza
Durata: 0

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Video: Widescreen 1.85:1 Anamorphic
Audio: English - Dolby Digital (5.1) ; DTS
Extra: The making of all three movies Making the trilogy chapters 1, 2 and 3. Feature commentary Outtakes Deleted scenes Did you know that? Original make up tests Storyboards to final feature comparisons Production archives Theatrical trailers Hoverboard test ZZ Top music video doubleback E.T. (The Extra Terrestrial DVD) Trailer
Regione: 2
Note: Back To The Future (1985): 17 year old Marty McFly got home early last night. 30 years early. Michael J. Fox stars as Marty McFly, a typical American teenager accidentally sent back to 1955 in a plutonium-powered DeLorean "time machine" invented by slightly mad scientist Dr. Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd). During his often hysterical, always amazing trip back in time, Marty must make certain his teenage parents-to-be, meet and fall in love otherwise he'll never be born... Back To The Future - Part 2 (1989): Getting back was only the beginning. A visit by Marty and Doc Brown to the year 2015 seems to resolve a few problems with the future McFly family. However, when they return home, they discover someone has tampered with time and Hill Valley, 1985; they must once again get back to 1955 to save their future..... Back To The Future - Part 3 (1990): They've saved the best trip for last... But this time they may have gone too far. Mary Steenburgen joins the cast for this rousing conclusion to the popular series. Stranded in 1955 after a freak burst of lightning, Marty must travel back to 1885 to rescue the Wild West Doc Brown from a premature end. Surviving an Indian attack and unfriendly townsfolk, Marty finds Doc Brown is the local blacksmith. But with the Doc under the spell of the charming Clara Clayton, it's up to Marty to get them out of the Wild West and back to the future...


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